Laid back company allows employees to work from home

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GRESHAM, OR—Underscoring the benefits of working for a laid-back company like SocialFire Marketing, founder and CEO Matt Avalon told reporters Tuesday he had instituted an office-wide policy permitting employees to work from home anytime after 6 .

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1. Rethink Schedules

Simply being able to work at home from 6PM onward instead of at the office is considered to be "laid back" because they are not required to live at the office while they're working non-stop. permalink. "Allows" makes it sound like the employee "wants" to work after p.m. "Laid Back" More like "exploiting" Allowing employees to take work home simply means the employer gets more hours of work out of the employee for FREE Then they even spin it to make themselves look cool. Participants selected for a vacancy will be paid a lump sum in laid back company allows employees to work from home lieu of any general wage increase or progression increase online form filling work at home without investment that occurred while in the Job Bank.